My Trade Start has been successfully operating for over 15 years.

Our student completion rates, and student course satisfaction are the highest compared to other similar providers.

MTS highest course completion

Statistics sourced from ASQA survey data from: July 2022 to June 2023.

“We tailor our training to suit each student’s individual requirements and ensure it is real world, hands-on, and with the necessary required theory. Plus, we provide free parking for all our students & offer specialised support for those with learning difficulties.”

Brad Kininjjew, CEO

Who We Are

My Trade Start is a Registered Training Organisation (RTO) operating for over 15 years. We have extensive training experience and have successfully supported our students’ learning and securing their future in the automotive industry. Our student completion rates, and student course satisfaction, is the highest compared to other similar providers.

Not only do we ensure student success through completion and satisfaction, we believe in creating a fun, positive and supportive learning environment for our students. My Trade Start believes in supporting its students throughout their training program journey – and which is why many of our students successfully complete their course and go on to secure their Apprenticeship.

As our learning & training model has worked well for students seeking careers in the automotive industry specialising in Light Vehicle, Panel and Paint, Heavy vehicle, Autobody, Sales and now also Electrical. My Trade Start has also recently expanded its courses in other Industries such as Hospitality, Retail and Community Services to name a couple.

We also work together with Connex Life and support their partners by offering targeted training, job opportunities and pre apprenticeships courses catered for people living with a disability.

We look forward to seeing & supporting you in one of our courses!

SLES and daily living supports
My Trade Start
Courses Delivered - To more than 2500 students
Obtained Apprenticeships - Over 7 in 10 of our students get their apprenticeships
Students Completed - Over 8 in 10 students successfully completed our courses
Course Completion
Represented Students

Meet Our Trainers

Heavy Vehicle course apprenticeship

Mitch Smith – Heavy Vehicle Mechanical and Air Conditioning Teacher

Automotive Electrical courses

Aaron Delaney – Light vehicle mechanical, Automotive Electrical & Automotive Air-Conditioning Trainer

Automotive Air Conditioning Course

Ken Kalimat – Light Vehicle Mechanic and Automotive Air-Conditioning Teacher

Automotive Aircon course

David Parish – Light Vehicle Mechanic and Automotive Air-Conditioning Teacher

Light Vehicle Head Teacher

Michael Issa – Light Vehicle Head Teacher

Panel Beating Course

Emile Bacha – Panel Beating and Spray Painting Teacher