Career in Automotive Industry – Where to start & Why?

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As you’re sitting in the classroom in your local high school, your teacher is reading passages from Shakespeare … but you’re thinking of that old car sitting in your Dad’s garage … and how you’d like to work on it and get it up and running. Then it hits you: why don’t I look into a career in the Automotive Industry?

Before you sign up to just any training centre, hold the brakes!

You want to ensure your training and learning is successful. Here’s why My Trade Start is the right choice …

Who we are & Why MTS?

We have been successfully operating for over 15 years and are a Registered Training Organisation. Our student completion and student course satisfaction rates are the highest compared to other similar and major training providers.

Students get the complete service and support from us. We train and prepare them for a positive start in Automotive. We also assist our students in finding a job and helping them in all facets of their apprenticeship journey. We have strong relationships and partner with employers all over NSW.

Want to know more about Pre Apprenticeships?

For those of you who might still be unsure of an Automotive career, our Pre Apprenticeship pathways are perfect for you to try out an industry, while gaining some great skills in the process.

By completing our Pre Apprenticeship course you get that edge over those who haven’t, making you more desirable to prospective employers seeking to take on apprentices. It also gives you a good head-start when commencing an actual Apprenticeship or Traineeship.

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Here’s why you should enrol with MTS:

  • Our Automotive Pre Apprenticeship course is FREE of charge
  • Our student success rate is over 90% – well above other training providers
  • 1 weeks training & 1 week work placement
  • Fully accredited training by an Automotive Specialist RTO
  • Premium provider of Pre Apprenticeship Training
  • Accredited by NSW Department of Education
  • 80+ years of combined experience


  • On-site Parking
  • Convenient Western Sydney location
  • We have a modern & realistic approach to Automotive training
  • We assist & support students to find an apprenticeship in the Automotive industry
  • We partner with employers agents all over NSW

Next Gear? Automotive Courses & Apprenticeships

Okay, so let’s say you have successfully completed your Pre Apprenticeship course with us & said to yourself ‘yeah, this is the right career pathway for me’. What next?

As our successful Automotive Training Academy has been operating for over 15 years, it only makes sense to enrol in one of our quality Automotive Courses.

We have a highly experienced team with over 80 years combined experience. Our trainers are experienced ex-manufacturer trainers in a range of leading automotive brands like Jaguar, Land Rover, Subaru, Mazda, Porsche, and Toyota to name a few.

We offer more than just Courses:

  • Most of our Automotive courses are often completed as part of an Apprenticeship
  • We offer Mentoring from start to finish
  • Flexible training delivery
  • We work with all Employers, Schools, and young people
  • Our Enrolment and Registration process for both employers and students is smooth & easy
  • Our team are always available for further support & assistance
  • We delivery bespoke training for our clients and recognise Prior Learning.

Our specialised Automotive course include:

Heavy Vehicle courses

AUR20220 – Certificate II Automotive Air Conditioning – Learn more


Heavy Vehicle courses
AUR32420 – Certificate III Automotive Refinishing – Learn more

Heavy Vehicle courses
AUR30320 – Certificate III Automotive Electrical Technology – Learn more

Heavy Vehicle courses
AUR31020 – Certificate III Automotive Sales – Learn more

Heavy Vehicle courses
AUR32120 – Certificate III Automotive Body Repair – Learn more

Heavy Vehicle courses
AUR31120 – Certificate III Heavy Commercial Vehicle – Learn more

Heavy Vehicle courses
AUR30620 – Certificate III Light Vehicle Mechanical Technology – Learn more

Last gear – Join our successful Automotive Training academy!

If you are well and truly interested & fully geared up for an Automotive Industry career, our team at My Trade Start can help and support you along your journey.

Get in touch with us & join our growing successful student cohort!

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