Our premium support & one-stop service model!

Through our effective training and learning model, MTS offers Pre Apprenticeship courses free of charge to our students and clients. Our student satisfaction and completion rates are the highest in our industry!
We are confident in our training and overall service to you.


Recruitment, Placement and Management of the Apprentices will be funded by MTS and offered to all our clients, i.e. employers of apprentices, as well all aspiring candidates and other stakeholders.

Unlike other providers, our Recruitment, Placement and Mentoring Service is offered for free to all who wish to use it. It’s all part of our premium support & one-stop service model!

  • We offer Mentoring and Management from start to finish
  • We work with all employers, schools, and young people
  • Our Enrolment and Registration process for both employers and students is smooth & easy
  • Our team are always available for further support & assistance
free pre apprenticeship courses