mts highest student satisfaction

NSW Smart and Skilled Outcomes

Leaders in Student Satisfaction and Course Completion

The Department of Education collects and maintains data on Smart and Skilled providers currently under NSW Government contract. The results show that My Trade Start is the leading provider in student satisfaction and course completion against the largest providers in the automotive education industry.

Students who completed their courses at My Trade Start have an 87% student satisfaction rate, as reported by Smart and Skilled. This rate is well above the average 81-83% student satisfaction rate of similar providers*. This results from the student-focused and modern approach we take in adapting and listening to our students.

According to Smart and Skilled data, My Trade Start also has the highest course completion rate of 81%. To achieve this, we have kept the quality of our courses high and engaging and supported students to achieve their goals.

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*‘Similar providers’ consist of Smart and Skilled providers that have similar student attributes to the organisation, including size; location of training delivery; types of qualifications delivered; the proportion of disadvantaged students.


Source: NSW Department of Education. 2021. Skills Navigator | Skills NSW <https://skills.education.nsw.gov.au/courses/certificate-iii-in-light-vehicle-mechanical-technology/my-trade-start-sydney?studyMode=qualification&eligibilityInitiative=job-trainer> [Last accessed 10 November 2021].